Survey on Health of HIV+ Adult Latinos

Survey on Health of HIV+ Adult Latinos

The Latino Commission on AIDS is collecting information through an online survey to better understand the specific needs and concerns or the aging Hispanic/Latino population living with diagnosed HIV infection in the US and territories. The information learned will help inform future programs targeted to the needs of aging Latinos living with HIV/AIDS.

The survey covers issues such: health, HIV, aging, family and friends, immigration, and culture. Participants will be asked about their current health condition. The survey takes about 35 minutes to complete.

Half of all people living with HIV are over 50. As the US population ages and mortality from HIV decreases, it is estimated that 65% of all people living with HIV will be over 50 in the next few years. In the United States (US) and 6 Dependent Areas there were an estimated 7,541 diagnosed cases of HIV in 2014 among adults ages 50 and older and an estimated 6,010 cases of diagnosed Stage 3 AIDS. Hispanics/Latinos ages 50 years and older are overrepresented in diagnosed HIV cases compared to their size in the general population. Although accounting for roughly 11% of the total US and PR population aged 50 and older, Hispanics/Latinos in this age range comprise an estimated 18% (1,342) of diagnosed HIV and an estimated 17% (1,016) of diagnosed Stage 3 AIDS.

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