Registrations Open for NLAAD Webinar Series 2022

Tuesday October 4th, 3pm
“A different PrEP Option: A Presentation for PrEP Professionals”
Apretude is the first and only long acting injectable PrEP for reducing the risk of getting HIV. Join us to this presentation given by ViiV laboratories with information about this new important medical advance in the HIV field.
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Wednesday October 5th, 3pm ET
“Long Acting Treatment for HIV:  A Presentation for Case Managers”
A different way to treat HIV and stay undetectable by monthly or bimonthly injections. Cabenuva is the only complete HIV treatment that can be gotten every month or every other month. ViiV is presenting this webinar with information about this new medication to treat HIV.
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Thursday October 13th, 11am ET
“Trends in PrEP inequity by race and census region, United States, 2012-2021”
AIDSVu released the PrEP use data and maps, we encourage you to tune in for this presentation and share these new data with your networks. AIDSVu will discuss the importance of these data. We encourage you to engage with our social and reshare on your own pages to amplify this.
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Friday October 14th, 12pm ET
“HIV Vaccine Research Updates and Latinx Engagement”

The presentation will focus on HIV vaccine, how they are designed, how vaccine research trials are conducted and the Importance of Engaging Latinx
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