NLAAD Announces 2023 Webinar Series with Special Focus on Latinos Accessing PrEP

The NLAAD webinar series will kick off TODAY at 3PM ET with a discussion about what is needed to make PrEP into the hands of everyone who needs it. Review the webinar listing below and register now to take part in these important conversations. Webinars are open to everyone. The sessions will include time for questions and answers and their recording will be posted in the NLAAD website. All webinars will provide interpretation into Spanish. Register by clicking on each image.


Over the past two years, PrEP4All and the National PrEP Program Working Group, a broad coalition of HIV prevention advocates and community members impacted by the HIV epidemic, have advanced important policy advocacy for the funding and implementation of a National PrEP Program for un- and under-insured individuals. This webinar will cover the current state of that advocacy, including a proposal from the Biden administration for a $9.8B 10-year investment in such a program, and identify key implementation recommendations.


This online seminar will provide information about what Aging with HIV looks like, what common Lifestyle Diseases happen with aging and how to prevent them. Also, we will touch on lifestyle changes that can positively impact one’s health and the recommended screening milestones for common lifestyle diseases associated with aging.


Celebrate NLAAD with us and learn about HIV Prevention and Treatment with our special guests: Ronaldo Andrés Vázquez Maldonado and Dr. Joseph Cherabie from the “Let’s Stop HIV Together” campaign.


The Latino Commission on AIDSVu join efforts again to bring you crucial data and information about PrEP use in the Hispanic Community on different locations across country. From this data, federal, state and local agencies can make decisions about where to address issues, create programs and work towards the improvement of health disparities.


In this webinar, we will describe how a group of clinicians, researchers and community members joined forces to create a low-barrier, telemedicine-based PrEP service tailored to the Latinx LGBTQ community. Our presentation will feature perspectives from peers and care providers on how to reduce barriers to PrEP and lessons learned.